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Meet the Owner


Maddie Love

Owner & General Manager

Maddie Love is the Owner and General Manager of Ruff Resort & Spa. You will find that she is very hands on, whether she is playing with the dogs in daycare or doing their basic grooming. She not only loves to take care of the animals at Ruff, but also enjoys connecting with our clients. Maddie's passion for animals is obvious whenever you talk with her and that passion is what helped create Ruff Resort & Spa become a happy and safe place for pups across DFW since it opened in February of 2020. She has nine rescue dogs (and even six potbelly pigs) and a background in animal rescue that has helped grow her knowledge in dog behavior, training, and so much more.


Maddie built Ruff with the understanding that all dogs are individuals with their own set of preferences, quirks, and needs. Our business model caters to ALL dogs at no extra cost. Whether you have a fun-loving dog that enjoys play group with the other dogs or you have a nervous rescue dog that would prefer one on one play time, you can rest assured that Ruff's staff will keep your baby safe and happy with no extra cost for extra accommodations. Every dog deserves to have a positive and fulfilling experience when their parents are away!

Read more about the owner of Ruff Resort & Spa here:

Shout Out DFW - Maddie Love

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